Can I have two Blockchain wallets?

If you have multiple Wallets, only one will be associated with a verified identity. … Attempting to verify your identity more than once or for more than one wallet will result in a rejection.

How many crypto wallets can you have?

The capacity is practically unlimited – you can theoretically even store all 21M bitcoins in one wallet if you manage to get them all :). However, it might be safer to divide your funds into multiple accounts or even wallets to spread the risk of theft.

Can you have the same Bitcoin wallet on multiple devices?

Yes, it’s possible to run your wallet on multiple devices as long as each app is on the latest version.

How many wallets can be created in trust wallet?

Can I Create Multiple Wallets? There is a limit of 15 wallets that you can create on the app.

How many wallets should I have?

When Two Wallets Are Better Than One When your hobbies and your day job don’t exactly line up, two wallets may be a smarter choice. If by day you spend your time working in an office where professionalism and looking well-dressed is expected, a nice leather bifold might be the best choice.

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