Can new motor mounts cause vibration?

Yea, it’s really a toss-up without a ton of research, but unless literally no-one bothers to do the alignment of the mounts it seems a TON of people with a bunch of different cars (but in my case I found a tone of Neon owners with the same problem) tend to have crazy vibrations after replacing OEM mounts with AM mounts …

How do you support an engine when replacing motor mounts?

Support the engine from beneath the engine oil pan with wooden 2×4 block of wood in between the floor jack and engine oil pan. Raise engine just far enough for support and to take the weight off of the engine mounts.

Can bad motor mounts cause vibration when accelerating?

When the mount is broken or damaged, you will feel excess vibration, but other parts in the motor can also get misaligned and break since the engine isn’t in its precise location. You’ll feel a lousy motor mount when idling, but the shaking can be more noticeable under acceleration as the motor has to work hard.

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