Can tension rods hold curtains?

Curtains to Use on Tension Rods Since they are not as strong as other rods, they cannot support heavy curtains, according to LoveToKnow. You may be able to hang heavier curtains, but they could collapse, and this could damage the walls or even result in injury. It makes better sense to find lightweight curtains.

What do you do when your curtain rod is too short?

If your curtains are just one or two inches too short after repositioning your curtain rod, try adding curtain clips to the tops of your curtains! The clips will give your curtains the couple extra inches they need, and they’ll hang at just the right length without any other alterations.

What is the longest curtain rod you can get?

The longest curtain poles/rods that Drapery Curtain Rods sells are 8 feet long.

Do curtains have to go to the floor?

Interior designers note the bottom of your curtains should fall to the floor, and you can even let them “puddle” a bit. However, if you don’t want your curtains to drag on the floor when you open and close them, let them stop about an inch from the floor, but no more.

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