Do I need a block heater for my car?

The main purpose of an engine block heater is to make it easier to start the engine, but preheating the engine oil, antifreeze, and internal engine components also reduces wear and tear, reduces emissions, and makes for a more comfortable environment inside the vehicle by allowing the heater to blow hot sooner.

Do block heaters go bad?

Heater can go bad but don’t condemn the heater before checking out the integrity of the electrical cord. If it needs to be replaced, a lower radiator hose heater is a better choice than trying to the get the old heater out, in my opinion.

What does a block heater do?

A block heater is used in cold climates to warm an engine prior to starting. They are mostly used for car engines; however they have also been used in aircraft engines. The most common design of block heater is an electrical heating element embedded in the engine block.

How much does it cost to put a block heater in your car?

However, it would be safe to say that in the range of $100 – $200 dollars for an installation a block heater should cover the average for labor.

Can you add a block heater to a car?

In many vehicles, installation of a block heater is a possibility, even later in the vehicle’s life – though other options exist to help keep your ride’s engine warm while it sits overnight.

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