How can I start banana farming in Nigeria?

How to start a banana plantation in Nigeria

  1. Acquire land for the banana farm. Bananas plants thrive well in an average climate; in other words, they thrive in any area that is neither too hot or too cold. …
  2. Get healthy banana suckers. …
  3. Plant the suckers. …
  4. Maintain the banana plantation.


How much is plantain in Nigeria?

In the open market, a bunch of plantain costs about N750 to N2,000 if you are selling to the final consumers directly without processing it. On one acre of land you can plant 750 plantain suckers and you sell them at an average of N1,000 per bunch then you will makeN750,000.

Which state in Nigeria is the highest producer of plantain?

This study examined the status of plantain production in Ondo State being one of the major producer states in Nigeria. The list of all plantain producers was obtained from six purposively selected L.G. As based on intensity of plantain production and 50% of them were sampled making a total of 276 respondents.

What region do bananas grow?

Today, banana plants grow in the humid, tropical regions of Central and South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia where there are high temperatures and rainfall.

Which country produces the most bananas?

Production by country

Rank Country/territory Production (tonnes)
1 India 30,808,000
2 China 11,221,700
3 Philippines 9,358,785
4 Colombia 7,287,997

How much does it cost to start a plantain farm?

Investment Returns

1 HECTARE PLANTAIN PLANTATION 2,376,482.00 823, 590.00
1 ACRE PLANTAIN PLANTATION 1,092,368.20 319,260.00

Can Blue Java banana grow in Nigeria?

CULTIVARS OR VARIETIES OF SEED ADAPTED TO NIGERIA. Other varieties include Grand Naine, Gross Michel, Blue java (aka Banana Panya), Dwarf Cavendish, Eastern African highland banana, etc.

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