How do I know if my blower capacitor is bad?

Signs & Symptoms of a Bad Capacitor on a Gas Furnace Blower

  1. Humming Sounds. The humming sounds created by the blower are indications that the capacitor has electrical problems. …
  2. No Power. A bad capacitor prevents the blower from functioning completely. …
  3. Erratic Motor Operation.

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What happens if fan capacitor fails?

If the capacitor is bad, the fan is still getting power, but because the start coil is compromised, it can’t develop enough torque to start the fan. You can start the fan yourself, however, by giving it a push, and it will keep running. Before you do that, listen to the fan carefully, and you’ll hear a humming sound.

What does a bad furnace capacitor sound like?

Open the access panel to the furnace and listen for a relatively loud humming noise. If you hear that sound and it doesn’t stop, there’s an electrical difficulty. If you hear a “clicking” sound when the capacitor kicks in, that’s a problem too.

How much does it cost to replace a furnace capacitor?

Replacing a blower capacitor costs $150 to $450 on average. The part itself doesn’t usually run more than $10 to $30. Most of the fees come from the time it takes to find, test and replace it.

What is a furnace blower capacitor?

Capacitors are a part of the fan motor in your furnace. … They provide a steady supply of electricity to the fan motors (used to help the blowers move hot air through your system). Obviously, both types of capacitor need to be running smoothly in order for your furnace to function.

What happens when furnace capacitor goes bad?

A bad capacitor can cause damage over time to a furnace’s blower motor. Only let it run just long enough to hear the hum. If it doesn’t start, turn the thermostat back down or cut the power to your furnace.

Why is my furnace humming but not kicking on?

If your furnace blower motor hums when it’s switched on but at the same time does not actually turn, the capacitor may be damaged. … If your motor does not run even after replacing the capacitor, it is most likely that the unit overheated. You should reset the safety buttons located at the side of the unit.

Do all furnace blower motors have a capacitor?

Capacitors are used in many but not all electric motors including air conditioners, heat pumps, furnace or air conditioner blower fan motors, refrigeration equipment compressors, and well pumps.

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