How do I transfer from Binance to Gemini?

Click here to open the exchange site and click on “Sign in.” Type in your registered email address and password, then click on “Submit.” After logging in, go to “Transfer funds” then select on “Deposit Into Exchange” to start depositing funds on your Gemini account.

How do I link my bank account to Gemini?

You can add your bank account to your Gemini account by:

  1. Going to the Funding Sources page and under Automatically link bank click on Get Started.
  2. Continue through the flow to enter your bank login credentials via Plaid.

How do I send Bitcoins from Gemini to wallet?

You’ll select the cryptocurrency first and then select Send.) You need the public key or public address of your recipient. This can be a QR Code or a long series of random letters and numbers. Scan the QR code or copy and paste the public address into the recipient field in your wallet.

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