How do you get new weapons in trails of cold steel?

It’s the Galleria something, on 2nd floor you got the weapon shop, every new city got place you can buy new weapons.

Where can I buy cold steel 1 weapons?

Weapon shop is at the Student Union.

Where can I buy fishing gear in cold steel 3?

Fishing gear can be purchased from the Leeves General Store and from Freddy during a field exercise.

How do I get Zemurian ore?

User Info: Guruda Three are found in the final dungeon and three can be obtained from Colette by trading complete sets of collectable items (the three Mishy items, the three fishing Badges and the three Straps). You can finally obtain an Ore directly by trading in all of the Red Moon Rose books.

How do you change rods in trails of cold steel 3?

Hold the circle button. When the fish got angry and put away, tap the circle button repeatedly instead of holding. Upgrade your rod will make it easier.

Should I reprimand Jusis or stop Machias?

Afterwards Machias and Jusis will argue, you are given two choices, if you reprimand Jusis, Machias will stay with your party, if you stop Machias, Jusis will join your party.

Where can I buy Battle scope trails of cold steel?

User Info: gumx Most items can be bought at the student council building in the 1st floor left side.

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