How does Audi mild hybrid work?

In Audi’s new mild-hybrid technology, a belt alternator starter (BAS) works together with a lithium-ion battery. The Audi A6 can coast between 55 and 160 km/h (34.2 and 99.4 mph). The start-stop function kicks in at speeds up to 22 km/h (13.7 mph); the engine is restarted from standstill predictively.

How does the Audi hybrid work?

All new plug-in-hybrids by Audi use a turbo-charged gasoline engine with direct injection that works together with an electric motor that is integrated in the transmission. A lithium-ion battery beneath the luggage compartment floor supplies the electrical energy. … It stores 14.1 kWh of energy at a voltage of 385 V.

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