How far is Mormon Lake from Lake Mary?

It is only about 17 miles southeast of Upper Lake Mary. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and love fishing, camping and hiking, Mormon Lake is a great choice.

Who owns Mormon Lake Lodge?

In 1990, Forever Resorts purchased Mormon Lake Lodge and continues to operate the Lodge today.

What is there to do at Mormon Lake?

​Mormon Lake: 5 Family Activities to Do on a Cabin Vacay

  • Horseback Riding: Button up your Wranglers and get ready to hop in the saddle. …
  • Hiking: There are plenty of easy trails nearby that offer gorgeous views of Mormon Lake’s pine forests. …
  • Fishing: At peak capacity, Mormon Lake is the largest natural lake in Arizona.

Is Mormon Lake open for fishing?

Fishing At Mormon Lake The lake is 15 miles north of Happy Jack, AZ and 30 miles southeast of Flagstaff. When water levels are sufficient, the lake is stocked with trout and northern pike. Shoreline fishing is available all around the lake. Mormon Lake Lodge offers lodging, dining and activities for all ages.

Can you kayak Mormon Lake?

Mormon Lake is known as the largest natural lake in Arizona, although sometimes there may be little water in the lake. … There are no maintained boat ramps due to fluctuating water levels but boating is allowed on the lake.

Why is Mormon Lake empty?

Because Mormon Lake is a closed system, without any water inputs besides local snow and rainfall and no diversions that would cause water loss, its easier to isolate how climate affects the lake system, Hereford said.

Is Lake Mary a natural lake?

Lake Mary, a man-made body of water, was created less than a year after a dam was built in a shallow valley south of Flagstaff. Remnants of a temporary sawmill and living quarters can be seen in this March 1905 photograph of the lake, which measured half a mile wide, 6 miles long and 28 feet deep.

Is Mormon Lake man made?

Mormon Lake is a shallow, intermittent lake located in northern Arizona in Pleasant Valley. When full, the lake has a surface area of about 12 square miles (31 km2), making it the largest natural lake in Arizona. … In particularly dry times, the lake has been known to dry up, leaving behind a remnant marsh.

How far is Mormon Lake from Phoenix?

A 2.5-hour drive northeast of Phoenix is all it takes to reach this mountain retreat — Mormon Lake. “It’s the largest natural lake in the state of Arizona, when full,” explained our tour guide, Scott Gold of Mormon Lake Lodge. “It’s roughly 7.5 miles long by 5 wide.”

Is there water at Mormon Lake?

Because there is no constant source of water flowing into the lake, the water evaporates very quickly. The lake is also home to a variety of wildlife, including fish, blue Herons, snow geese, elk, osprey and bald eagles.

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