How many amps does an air compressor pull?

If the air compressor uses a cigarette lighter style plug, then amperage is typically 10 – 15 amps. If the small DC 12V air compressor has direct battery connection clamps then the maximum current draw is typically 20 to 30 amps.

How many amps is a 20 hp motor?


HP 1 Phase Amps 3 Phase Amps
115 volt 208 volt
15 46.2
20 59.4
25 74.8

How do I know what size motor breaker I need?

You must size the conductors at 125% of the motor FLC [430.22(A)]. You must size the overloads no more than 115% to 125% of the motor nameplate current rating, depending on the conditions [430.32(A)(1)]. You must size the short-circuit ground-fault protection device from 150% to 300% of the motor FLC [Table 430.52].

What is the formula to convert HP to amps?

I = P * 746 / (V * η) . As the SI unit of power is the watt, it’s common to convert units before estimating the amperage. A rule of thumb states that you should multiply the power in hp by 746 to get the power in watts.

What size breaker do I need for a 5 hp compressor?

A full load current for a 5hp single phase AC motor on 230v is 28 amps. So 10ga. wire with a 30 amp breaker will be fine.

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