How many basic schools are there in Ghana?

Presently, Ghana has 18,530 primary schools, 8,850 junior secondary schools, 900 senior secondary schools, 28 training colleges, 20 technical institutions, four diploma-awarding institutions, six public universities and over 15 private universities in addiction to 12 polytechnics serving a population 30 million …

How many secondary schools are there in Ghana?

List of senior high schools in Ghana

Location of Ghana Number of Public/Private Educational Institutions
Category Number
senior high school 981
Colleges of Education 46
Universities 10

How many private basic schools are in Ghana?

A total of 561 primary and junior secondary schools were found: 141 unregistered private, 154 government, 393 Private and public schooling in Ghana Page 6 and 266 registered private schools (see Table 1).

What is the best basic school in Ghana?

Top 15 Best Schools in Accra and Its Environs in Ghana

  • American International School (AIS)
  • Holy Child School, Cape Coast.
  • Springforth International School.
  • Accra Academy, Accra.
  • Tema International School.
  • Vilac International School (VIS)
  • SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College.
  • St Augustine’s College, Cape Coast.


What are the best private schools in Ghana?

  • Eden – The Private School. 19 Pawpaw Street, East Legon, Accra, Accra. …
  • Ghana International School (GIS) 2nd Circular Rd. …
  • Sopodiva Training Centre. 9th link, Afunya Street, Abelemkpe, Accra. …
  • The WIT Schools. …
  • Liberty American School. …
  • Safari International Preschool. …
  • Glorious Child School Limited. …
  • American International School.

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