How many cars can you detail in one day?

If you have only one detail bay, in addition to a wash area, and assuming that every car will be a complete detail, then one man should get a minimum of two cars done per day (possibly three if they are really good and motivated). With two bays and two people, you can plan for four to six cars per day.

Does Quick Detailer remove water spots?

A quick spritz of Ultimate Quik Detailer and a nice, clean microfiber towel makes short work of these. Keep in mind the QD is offering a pretty high degree of lubricity for that final wipe and the water spots are very fresh so they come off quite easily.

Do dealerships hire 16 year olds?

In most cases, the minimum age for a lot attendant is either 16 or 18. A 16 year old typically has a driver’s license and can move cars in a company parking lot or in a dealership lot. Dealers often have attendants move car positions on the lot or take company cars to run errands.

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