How much does it cost to taxidermy a catfish?

most are like minimum $200 to get started and anywhere from $13-$20 an inch. They do both fiberglass replicas and actualy skin mounts and prices are different for each.

How much does it cost to taxidermy a largemouth bass?

Prices: Fish

*Open Mouth: Add $1.00/inch
*Epoxied (Finished) back: Add $1.00/inch
“Base Series” $13.00/inch
“Pro Series” $16.00/inch
Largemouth Bass

Does Bass Pro Shop do taxidermy?

Besides fish replicas, taxidermy fish and game mounts, we also offer upland bird taxidermy, game heads, deer head mounts, and exotic mounts. … Wildlife Creations Taxidermy is located just south of the Bass Pro Shops® Outdoor World store on South Campbell Avenue in the Bass Pro Shops® Catalog Outlet.

How much is it to mount a crappie?

Actually a skin mount is roughly $10.00/ inch one side and $20.00/inch both sides and a custom cast replica is about $12.00-$16.00/inch….so no it is not that much more expensive(if at all) and as far as recommendations on how to prepare fish for future taxi work….you did the right thing…

How much money do taxidermists make?

It is difficult to say what one will earn in taxidermy, because what you can earn and what you do earn are not always close. An average part time taxidermist who is not very motivated might make just $10,000 – $20,000 per year, while a devoted full time taxidermist can very easily make $100,000+ per year.

Can a fish mount be made from a picture?

By using your photos of the fish along with our own reference photos of the species we will create a replica of your fish according to the special coloring, markings, measurements and/or weight you request. The finished mount looks extremely real and alive versus dead and mounted. It’s a new look at an old art.

Does taxidermy last forever?

When cared for properly, taxidermy will retain its lifelike appearance for years. Your new mount should be kept in a dry area with little or no humidity, preferably in a room with a regulated temperature. To keep it looking new and sharp, regular dusting is a must.

How much does it cost to stuff a shark?


Bull Shark Mount – Fish Replica / Taxidermy / Marine Decoration. Dog Shark Mount – Fish Replica / Taxidermy / Marine Decoration. Great White Shark Mount – Fish Replica / Taxidermy / Marine Decoration.
HAMMERHEAD SHARK Starting At: $225.00 (1) LEMON SHARK Starting At: $225.00 LONG NOSE SHARK Starting At: $298.50

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