How serious is a timing cover leak?

The real danger of driving with a timing cover oil leak, besides a low oil level, is getting engine oil on your engine belt. The oil will degrade your engine belt quickly and can allow it to slip on the pulleys it drives which causes a new set of problems and can leave you stranded and damage your engine.

How much does it cost to replace timing cover?

For most cars, a timing chain replacement costs between $413 and $1040, or you can order the parts themselves for $88 and $245.

Can I drive my car without the engine cover?

It depends on the vehicle as to whether it’s purely cosmetic or serves a secondary function (usually insulation, which translates to your engine warming up a tiny bit faster in the winter, but this generally isn’t even noticeable). However, in general, you’re unlikely to do any harm by removing those covers.

What is the engine cover called?

You can still use hood and bonnet, but more often than not, people simply refer to that as the engine cover. The hood on a mid-engine car often still refers to the front part that is typically used as a front trunk, or frunk as some manufacturers call it.

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