Is oil system cleaner necessary?

Sludge, corrosion, gums, and varnish build up inside your engine over time. This collection of harmful deposits is never completely removed when your oil is changed. Your vehicle will benefit from an oil system cleaning, which helps break up and remove deposits and corrosion.

How do you flush an oil system?

A: An engine flush is an aftermarket additive engineered to flush accumulated deposits, sludge, and other gunk out of your engine. You simply pour it into your engine’s oil-filler port and let your engine idle for roughly 10-15 minutes. It blends with the oil and circulates through your engine, dissolving sludge.

How long can you drive with engine flush?

Engine flush allows you to quickly and easily cause 5–15,000 miles of wear to your engine in 5–10 minutes. It’s basically like adding paint thinner to your oil.

Should you flush engine before oil change?

Using engine flush prior to changing oil means that you’re cleaning the entire system and not contaminating the new oil that you’re about to put in, keeping your car running smoothly. Clearly the longer you leave it between oil changes the more important using an engine flush is.

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