Is Paris Open for international travel?

After having closed its borders to travelers in March (with the exception of citizens, family members and “essential” workers), France re-opened to European travelers and those arriving from the Schengen Zone from June 15th.

What countries can I travel to from South Africa?


Angola Lesotho Seychelles*
Benin Madagascar* Sierra Leone*
Botswana Malawi Somalia*
Cape Verde Islands* Mauritania* St. Helena*
Comores Islands* Mauritius Swaziland (eSwatini)

Can I travel from France to South Africa?

Only French residents, nationals, their spouses, and children will be allowed to enter the country from South Africa. Travellers from within the “European space” – which includes nationals of the European Union – are the only persons exempt for a mandatory quarantine period.

Is Air France flying to Johannesburg?

Air France offers flights to Johannesburg at the best rates! Only about 10:30 of flying time from Paris, Johannesburg is a destination that promises a total change of scenery. When you leave from London, you will need to add an extra 1:20 flying time to reach the French capital.

Is Airlines Open in South Africa?

Can I travel to South Africa right now? Currently, all international flights to South Africa have been suspended. Exceptions are for international flights with the purpose of repatriation, medevac and flights in states of emergency.

Is Air France flying to South Africa?

Air France: daily flights to Johannesburg. Air France offers flights from major US airports to Johannesburg, one of South Africa’s largest cities. Flights include stopovers in Paris or if flying with our partner, KLM, a stopover in Amsterdam. … The best period to travel to Johannesburg is in the spring.

Does Air France fly to Cape Town?

Cape Town – a complete holiday Book your Air France flights to Cape Town from London and start planning your holiday activities.

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