Is Turbo better than twin turbo?

Each turbo only needs the exhaust from 4 cylinders to spool it, so they are able to spool much faster than a single kit. Smaller turbos in a twin turbo kit can also make very similar power as a larger single turbo. Less lag for the similar power gain, but there’s still the cost to think about.

What engines are considered big blocks?

There are engines with large displacements that are frequently referred to as small block due to the design of the valves and layout of the cylinders of the engine. The Chevy 396 engine is an example of an engine that has a displacement under 400 cubic inches but is considered a “big block” due to its architecture.

What is the strongest engine block material?

Cast-iron versus Aluminum In simplest terms, cast-iron is a stronger material with a harder surface that is more resistant to wear. This allows cast-iron blocks to have the cylinder walls integrated as parts of the block itself. On the downside, cast-iron blocks are heavier.

Can a V8 beat a V12?

It’s not that the V12 is faster, its just more expensive to go faster with one compared to a V8. … V-12 engine produce more power and torque than V-8 engine. V-8 engine has a slightly better power-to-weight ratio and less fuel consumption, thus it is more successful despite being less powerful than the best V-12 engines.

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