Is wirex free?

Getting a Wirex card and corresponding current account is free.

Is wirex card legit?

I’ve been impressed by Wirex. It’s definitely one of the best bitcoin debit cards available in the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Wirex is a crypto-friendly currency account. It allows you to store, transfer, and exchange between cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin) and fiat currencies (i.e., GBP, EUR, & USD).

Is wirex legal?

To provide our clients with reliable and legal services, Wirex undergoes all local regulatory compliance procedures. As soon as they are completed, we will launch our product in your country without any further delay. So please don’t get upset if your country doesn’t have Wirex yet: we’re already halfway there!

Where can I use wirex?

You can now use your Wirex card anywhere Visa is accepted.

Where is wirex accepted?

Yes. Wirex accounts and cards can be used in any country where Visa is accepted. You will be notified by email and inside the Wirex app as soon as a new country is announced to join this list. NOTE: Although the card itself can be used anywhere, Wirex cards can only be issued and delivered to these countries.

Is wirex wallet safe?

No access to your card details. Instead, Wirex operates with card proxies, which means that all data is kept securely and no Wirex employees have access to it.

How do I transfer bitcoins to wirex?

Log in to your Wirex account > select your crypto account on the left-hand side. From the actions list> select Send. Enter the amount you wish to send and insert the recipient’s wallet address, memo/destination tag (if needed) > click Send Funds. You can also add a note for the recepient from this screen.

How long does it take to get a wirex card?

Typically, your Wirex card should get to you within 4 business days. However, sometimes it can take a little longer because of public holidays, issues with the local postal system or other unforeseen obstacles that crop up from time to time.

Is wirex a Bitcoin wallet?

The Wirex wallet supports both fiat and digital assets. You can hold BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH and WAVES in your wallet. Supported fiat currencies include USD, EUR and GBP.

Can I transfer from wirex to my bank account?

You can send funds from your Wirex account to another Wirex user or to an external bank account. … Note: To send funds, you will need confirm the transaction via the confirmation email you will receive. If you don’t confirm, the transaction will not go through.

How do I make money with wirex?

With Cryptoback™ rewards, the more you spend with your Wirex card, the more you get back. You can now earn up to 2% Cryptoback™ rewards every time you make a purchase. Your rewards are paid out in WXT and are instantly added to your X-tras account in the Wirex app. How much you earn is up to you.

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