What are Africa’s oldest and youngest countries *?

What are Africa’s oldest and youngest countries?

  • The youngest is South Sudan. Established: July 9, 2011.
  • Egypt is the oldest in all Africa. Established: 3100 BC.
  • Ethiopia is the oldest in sub-Sahara. Established: 980 BC.
  • Liberia is the oldest modern style state. Established: July 26, 1847.

Which country is the oldest?

By many accounts, the Republic of San Marino, one of the world’s smallest countries, is also the world’s oldest country. The tiny country that is completely landlocked by Italy was founded on September 3rd in the year 301 BCE.

Which country is the oldest country in West Africa?

Liberia, Africa’s Oldest Independent and Democratic Republic, Celebrates the 169th Anniversary of Its Independence

What are the 10 oldest countries?

What are the 10 oldest countries? Egypt, Iran, Armenia, China, Japan, Ethiopia, Greece, Portugal, San Marino, and France are the top 10 oldest countries in the world.

Which country has most youngest population?

The youngest country in the world is Niger, where almost 50% of the population is below the age of 15.

The Fountain of Youth.

Country Share of Population Younger Than 15 (% of total, 2019)
Niger 49.8%
Mali 47.3%
Chad 46.8%
Angola 46.6%

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