What are the car parts name?

Car body and main part

  • Bonnet/hood. Bonnet/hood.
  • Bumper. Unexposed bumper. Exposed Bumper.
  • Cowl screen.
  • Decklid.
  • Fascia rear and support.
  • Fender (wing or mudguard)
  • Front clip.
  • Front fascia and header panel.

What is the main function of a car?

A car (or automobile) is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transportation.

What are the parts of a car and their functions?

Parts of a Car & Their Functions

  • The Engine. Every car is powered by an engine, and most cars use an internal combustion engine that runs on gasoline. …
  • The Drive Line. …
  • The Electrical System. …
  • Brakes and Wheels. …
  • Dashboard Instruments.

What’s the heart of a car?

The engine is the heart of your car. It is a complex machine built to convert heat from burning gas into the force that turns the road wheels.

What is the most important part of a car?

The Most Important Car Parts You Should Know About

  • The Battery. Without the battery, your car isn’t going to turn on. …
  • Axles. Without them, your wheels wouldn’t be able to rotate.
  • Brakes. This is something you need to be very careful with. …
  • Pistons. Ideal, these should pump smoothly and quickly. …
  • The Fuel Injector. …
  • The Radiator. …
  • The AC Compressor. …
  • The Clutch.

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