What are the fishing regulations in Montana?

Daily Limits and other Fishing Regulations in Montana

Species Daily and Possession Limits
Channel Catfish 10 daily and 20 in possession.
Crappie 15 daily and 30 in possession.
Northern Pike 10 daily and in possession.
Paddlefish 1 per season and in possession. Tag required.

Where can I catch big trout in Montana?


  • Madison River (18)
  • Yellowstone River (4)
  • Smith River (1)
  • Missouri River (1)
  • Gallatin River (0)
  • Yellowstone National Park (9)

Where can I catch big fish in Montana?

Top 10 Trout Rivers To Fish In Montana

  • Missouri River. …
  • Madison River. …
  • Gallatin River. …
  • Big Hole River. …
  • Yellowstone River. …
  • Bighorn River. …
  • Smith River. …
  • Clark Fork River.

What’s the biggest brown trout ever caught?

World Record Brown Trout The world record for a brown trout (40 pounds, 4 ounces) was set in May 1992 on the Little Red River, 29 miles of which had become suitable trout habitat with the completion of the Greers Ferry Dam in the early 1960s. This record stood until it was surpassed in 2009.

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