What countries do moose live in?

Where they live: Moose are found throughout northern North America. They occur throughout Alaska, Canada, the northeastern United States and as far south as the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. They are generally found in forests near streams, ponds or lakes where there are willows.

Can Moose run on water?

While many may say that the moose runs on shallow water, but it clearly crosses the boat in front, where the river is believed to be deep enough for a boat to cruise. … But the truth is he was walking on top of a translucent platform below the surface of the water.

Where do moose live habitat?

Moose are found in the northern regions of the United States, from Maine to Washington, throughout Canada, and into Alaska. Due to their large size and insulating fur, moose are limited to cold climates. Forested areas with streams and ponds are ideal moose habitat.

Are there elk in Africa?

Elk, or red deer, were once found throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere, from Europe through northern Africa, Asia, and North America. … In Eurasia elk populations are now confined to protected areas and less populated regions. Their traditional range extended from 65 degrees N in Norway to 33 degrees N in Africa.

Where does a moose sleep?

Moose sleep in meadows and use tall grass for a soft bed. Moose are found in woods with lots of trees. In the winter they stay in groups and find shelter among the trees and sleep in the snow.

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