What do numbers on Rod mean?

Quality rods almost always have three sets of numbers written on them. The first set (usually three or four numbers) is about the rod length and type. The second set is about the line, and the third refers to the ideal lure weight. The three sets of numbers are usually in that order, but not always.

What action fly rod should I get?

Slow Action Rods are best at making short, delicate casts with very small flies, so this also makes perfect sense that most fly rods size 3 or smaller should be slow action rods. Different fly rod manufactures may also attempt to describe the action of their rods in different ways.

Does Rod Power affect sensitivity?

Power(rods stiffness) and Action(where it bends) both describe how the rod is going to flex under pressure. This flex and stiffness will affect your casting distance, sensitivity and lifting power. In the most basic sense, Rod action describes where the rod flexes along its body.

What makes a rod more sensitive?

Also, rods with fast actions are typically more sensitive than slower rods. When two rods are built from similar high-quality graphite, and both rods have a fast action, then the lighter one (physical weight) is usually the most sensitive.

What is the best jig rod for bass?

Best jig rods for bass reviewed

Model Length Verdict
Abu Garcia Vendetta 7’3″ Best budget option
Dobyns DX 795FLIP 7’9″ Best option for flipping
St Croix Mojo Bass 7’2″ Best for fishing in open water
Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod 7/6″ Runner up choice for flipping

What is a fast action rod good for?

Fast action rods are great for most applications where a short to long casting distance is involved and single hooks are the rule, such as worm and jig fishing. Medium and medium-fast rods will usually provide a little more casting distance and still provide adequate hooksetting power.

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