What happens at the end of a Tesla lease?

All parties listed on the lease agreement must sign the purchase packet. A vehicle inspection may be required based on local requirements. … Once funds are received, Tesla will review your documents, process payment and finalize the purchase. Ownership transfer documents will be mailed to you upon completion.

Does it make sense to lease a Tesla Model 3?

For those that keep cars for more than 5 years, leasing doesn’t make sense. … However, just read Tesla is offering a lease for the Model 3, basically at more than the loan cost. $2,000 less down. Payment is about $50 less, BEFORE SALES TAX, so it’s actually higher.

Is it a good idea to lease a Tesla?

Pros of Leasing a Tesla Down payment is lower than expected with comparatively priced vehicle leases. After a three-year period, you can trade your leased Tesla in for a new model (which is solid, as the manufacturer is constantly coming out with great new vehicles).

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