What if Africa colonized Europe peacock TV?

‘Noughts + Crosses’ Trailer: YA Alt-History Drama Asks ‘What If Africa Colonized Europe’ NBCUniversal’s new streaming service Peacock has just dropped the first trailer for Noughts + Crosses. … Here’s the official description: NOUGHTS + CROSSES imagines an alternate universe in which history happened in racial reverse.

Will there be a noughts and crosses Season 2?

Based on the novels of the same name, the second season will continue the story of Callum and Sephy who are desperately trying to flee the city in search of a new life together. Malorie Blackman, author of the Noughts and Crosses novels, says: “I am delighted that Noughts + Crosses is returning for a second series.

What if Africa was never colonized by Europe?

If Africa wasn’t colonized, the continent would consist of some organized states in North Africa/Red Sea, city-states in West and East Africa, and decentralized agricultural tribes in Central and Southern Africa. … With no Europeans to blunt their expansion, the Zulu and their cousins take over all of South Africa.

Is noughts and crosses free on peacock?

Join Peacock to watch this episode for free.

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