What is a bumper beam?

Introduction. In automotive industry, bumper beams are used as shock absorbing parts. They are attached to the front and rear ends of motor vehicles by means of brackets, which act as crash-boxes by taking the loads mainly in the axial direction.

Are car bumpers made of plastic?

The vast majority of modern bumpers are made of plastic, a material that provides effective shock absorption while minimizing the vehicle’s weight and cost.

What is behind a bumper cover?

Typically, behind the bumber cover is an steel bumper mounted to the car by two high impact shock mounts. The shock mounts are supposed to absorb those 5mph impacts without damage.

What are car bumper covers made of?

Generally, car bumpers are made of a plastic cover reinforced by a bar made of steel, fiberglass composite, plastic or aluminum. In addition to crushable brackets and a bar, bumpers sometimes incorporate polypropylene foam or formed thermoplastic.

What is a bumper absorber?

The bumper absorber is located behind the decorative plastic bumper cover. As its name implies, the bumper absorber takes up the impact energy in a collision, to protect valuable body and mechanical components behind it. It is designed to be a sacrificial part and must be replaced if damaged in a collision.

What are the parts of a bumper?

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  • Bumper / Energy Absorber / Cover. Bumpers are located at the very front of the vehicle, below the front grille. …
  • Bumper End. Bumper ends are an important addition to the bumper itself. …
  • Valance Panel. …
  • Inner Fender. …
  • Fender. …
  • Cowl Panel. …
  • Door. …
  • Lower Door Skin.

Why are car bumpers made of plastic?

Plastic is the preferred material for modern car bumpers for several reasons. … First and foremost, plastic is much lighter and more aerodynamic than metal, which improves the car’s fuel efficiency. Plastic is also easier to shape, which is useful during both the manufacturing and bumper repair process.

What are the attributes of a good bumper system?

What are the attributes of a good bumper system? Geometry, stability and energy absorption. Bumpers on colliding vehicles should line up geometrically so that they engage each other during a low-speed crash to absorb crash energy.

What bumper means?

Definition of bumper (Entry 3 of 3) 1 : a device for absorbing shock or preventing damage (as in collision) specifically : a bar at either end of an automobile. 2 : one that bumps.

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