What is a jawless fish called?

Agnatha (/ˈæɡnəθə, æɡˈneɪθə/, Ancient Greek ἀ-γνάθος ‘without jaws’) is a superclass of jawless fish in the phylum Chordata, subphylum Vertebrata, consisting of both present (cyclostomes) and extinct (conodonts and ostracoderms) species.

Is Perch jawless?

Perches and their relatives are the dominant fishes in tropical marine waters. Closely related to the perches are the flatfish, jawless fish characteristics which look and swim like normal fish when young, only to lay on one side of their body as adults after one eye migrates to the “top” side.

What trophic level is a perch?

The final level is perch, also a carnivore and is often called the top or apex predator. Organisms at the tops of food chains have no predators.

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