What is the future of the African plate?

If these motions continue, plate models (mentioned below) suggest that Africa would rotate clockwise and eventually crash into Europe in 50 Ma in the future. The rift is growing at a rate of one inch per year through the upwelling of magma underneath the continental crust (see Fig. 3).

What is a major fault on the African plate?

Crust and Lithosphere Dynamics Figure 30 portrays the major tectonic structures, the solid line indicating the Africa–Eurasia plate boundary and such major faults as the North Anatolian Fault (NAF), East Anatolian Fault (EAF), and South Anatolian Fault (SAF).

What are the 3 belts of Africa?

Long, linear belts—such as the Damara-Katanga of central and southwestern Africa, the Mozambique belt of eastern Africa, and the Dahomey-Ahaggar belt of western Africa—formed during that time, and some of those belts contain diagnostic rock assemblages that indicate that they resulted from continental collisions.

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