What is the most common cause of in flight engine shutdown?

The most common cause of fuel starvation is the pilot selecting the wrong fuel tank or placing the fuel selector in the OFF position by mistake. Other less common but possible causes are either engine-driven fuel pump failure or blocked fuel lines, injectors or fuel vents.

What is an engine flame out?

Engine flameout refers to flames being extinguished in the combustion chamber of the engine, so that it shuts down and no longer drives the propeller. Causes of a flameout could include a lack of fuel or being struck by volcanic ash, a bird or some other object. “Mayday” is an international emergency call.

What is jet engine surge?

The surge is the increase in rpm of a stalled compressor. … If air flow is interrupted to the compressor, the jet can literally backfire, creating a loud “bang”. A large yellow flame may also be seen coming from the back of the jet as the fuel/air mixture is now excessively rich due to insufficient air.

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