What is the salary of Narendra Modi?

The Prime Minister of India will be drawing a monthly salary of Rs. 1.6 lakh. His basic salary will be Rs 50,000, with a sumptuary allowance of Rs. 3,000, a daily allowance of Rs.

Who is the first Ethiopian President?

After the fall of the Derg and the establishment of the Transitional Government of Ethiopia in 1991, the first immediate president (Meles Zenawi) has to be considered an Interim President. Since the formal establishment of the office of president in 1987, there have been 6 official presidents.

How many seats are there in Ethiopian parliament?

In 1995, Ethiopia’s ethnic federalism system was set up, with a bicameral federal parliamentary assembly, of which the lower chamber with not more than 550 members as per the constitution. 22 of the currently 547 seats are reserved for representatives of minority nationalities.

Who is the current Ethiopian Prime Minister?

Абий Ахмед Алис 2018

How is the prime minister elected in Ethiopia?

The president of Ethiopia is elected by the House of Peoples’ Representatives for a six-year term. The prime minister is chosen by the parliament. The prime minister is designated by the party in power following legislative elections.

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