What is Toyota try before you buy?

Try Before You Buy – (888) 824-2821 TRAC (try before you buy) gives drivers the opportunity to enjoy a new Toyota before committing to a purchase or lease. Being dealer-based means that you can purchase a TRAC vehicle if your “weekend romance” with a Toyota rental turns into a love affair.

Does Enterprise rent hybrid cars?

Full-Size Hybrid Car Rental – Ford Fusion or Similar

Does Hertz Rent Prius?

Hertz is proud to offer Toyota Prius Hybrid Rental Cars. … This fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle is available for rental at select locations across the country, including most major airports. This Toyota Hybrid is part of the Hertz Green Traveler Collection.

What cars are premium at Enterprise?

What is a premium car rental? A premium rental car offers additional passenger room, trunk space, and features than other sedans. It comfortably seats five passengers and is a great option for people on business or leisurely travel. A Nissan Maxima is an example of a premium car rental.

What rental car company rents Toyotas?

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Do dealerships rent cars out?

Now here’s a little trick you may not know about: you can actually rent cars directly from car dealerships. The most useful benefit of doing it this way is that if you’re really attached to a specific model, there’s usually more availability at a car dealership than at a car rental agency. …

Should I rent a hybrid?

Should you rent a hybrid vehicle? Most definitely. The long-term benefits of driving a green vehicle far outweigh the short-term disadvantages. Of course, you should always do your homework and compare rental prices using the Car Rental Express comparison search tool.

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