What length rod is best for bass fishing?

The recommended size would be from 7- to 8-feet long (many tournament circuits do not allow bass fishing rods longer than 8-feet). A good choice would be a 7 1/2-foot rod because it is a little easier to pitch the baits.

What do I need for bass fishing?

Essential Bass Fishing Tackle

  1. Rod, Reel, & Fishing Line: These are the most important pieces of equipment you need to start bass fishing. …
  2. Hooks & Terminal Tackle: …
  3. Soft Plastic Baits: …
  4. Spinnerbait: …
  5. Crankbait:


How do you catch bass when not biting?

11 Tips to Catch Bass When They Aren’t Biting

  1. Go Finesse.
  2. Slow Down and Be Thorough.
  3. Downsize Your Lures.
  4. Color Considerations.
  5. Make Mental Adjustments.
  6. Go Weightless.
  7. Try a Different Spot.
  8. Fish Heavy Cover.

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