What lives Bear Lake?

Wildlife & Habitat

  • Birds. White-faced ibis, sandhill cranes, and a variety of shorebirds call Bear Lake NWR home in the summer. …
  • Mammals. Moose can sometimes be found on the refuge, along with wintering mule deer. …
  • Habitat. The dominant species covering much of the deeper portions of the marsh is bulrush.


How Deep Is Bear Lake in Utah?

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Are there snakes in Bear Lake Utah?

Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge also provides habitat for mammals, amphibians, and reptiles (see a full list here). … A few reptiles roam the preserve, including the Great Basin rattlesnake, garter snake, striped whipsnake, and sagebrush lizard, but they are rarely seen.

What fish does Bear Lake have?

There are four endemic fish species in Bear Lake: the Bonneville Cisco, the Bonneville Whitefish, the Bear Lake Whitefish, and the Bear Lake Sculpin. The January-February spawning run of the Bonneville Cisco draws fishing enthusiast who dip nets to capture the small swift fish.

Is there a bottom to Bear Lake?

The road proceeds north into Idaho and intersects with an asphalt road which circumscribes the remainder of the lake. “On water recreation” is extensive and diversified. On Bear Lake’s Eastside area, Cisco Beach attracts divers with its rocky bottom and a steep drop-off close to shore.

What lures does BEAR LAKE use?

Lures and techniques When trolling with an electric motor or paddling yourself along at a decent speed, you can get your lead line to reflect five colors or more. It’s also recommended to use a big Needlefish, Kastmaster, flatfish, broken-back Rapala or large spinning lure to entice a strike from the fish in Bear Lake.

Can you swim in Bear Lake Utah?

Swimming off the nice, gentle beaches of Bear Lake is fun for the whole family. Be sure to bring a sun umbrella, a picnic lunch and a beach ball! There are several swimming pools listed below including the Garden City Indoor Community Pool.

Is Bear Lake used for drinking?

White Bear Lake provides high quality drinking water, but it cannot control the plumbing materials used in private buildings.

Why is Bear Lake so cold?

Bear Lake is stratified in summer-spring where lighter water overlies denser water. During the winter months the mixing processes of winds and surface cooling break down the layers and the lake freezes over.

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