What percentage of adolescents are enrolled in school in Kenya?

26% of youth ages 14-17 attend secondary school. 27% of males ages 14-17 attend school, compared to 26% of females. Students over or under the official secondary school age range make up 21% of the secondary school age population.

How many students graduate in the world?

The number of academics and graduate students in the world By my calculations, there are about 17 million faculty members and graduate students in the world: 11 million graduate students and 6 million faculty members.

Is college free in Kenya?

Since 2003, education in public schools became free and compulsory ( Kenya Constitution, Article 53, 2010).

How many schools are in the World 2020?

Using this ratio with a current global population of 7.7 billion, this suggests total schools worldwide in the neighborhood of 3.2 million. This global figure might be too high: rich countries can afford schools more easily than developing countries.

What percentage of college students actually graduate?

The official four-year graduation rate for students attending public colleges and universities is 33.3%. The six-year rate is 57.6%. At private colleges and universities, the four-year graduation rate is 52.8%, and 65.4% earn a degree in six years.

What college has the most graduates?

Highest 4-Year Graduation Rates

School Location 4-year graduation rate
Georgetown University Washington, DC 91%
University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, IN 91%
Babson College Babson Park, MA 90%
Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA 90%

How much of Kenya’s population is educated?

Kenya literacy rate for 2018 was 81.54%, a 2.8% increase from 2014. Kenya literacy rate for 2014 was 78.73%, a 6.58% increase from 2007. Kenya literacy rate for 2007 was 72.16%, a 10.07% decline from 2000. Kenya literacy rate for 2000 was 82.23%, a 82.23% increase from .

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