What size do Tench grow to?

Tench usually grow to around 40 cm long, but there are rare record measurements of 70 cm (and a weight of 7.5 kg). Males and female are easy to tell apart in the Tench. The males have appreciably larger ventral fins than the females.

What is the best bait for Tench?

Dai Gribble shows you how to make his proven Tench Bait Mix I use a mixture of small pellets, maggots and hemp. Most waters that hold big tench will probably also hold big carp. These fish will see a lot of fishmeal baits, therefore adding some small pellets to the mix will help pull the fish into the swim.

How do I stop catching Tench?

The way to avoid the tench was to find the carp, that meant not fishing weed beds, but concentrating on gravel bars, the margins of islands, and accepting blanks. Prebaiting with big boilies, but fishing the same bait in smaller sizes would catch carp.

What does a Tench look like?

Tench have a stocky, carp-like shape and olive-green skin, darker above and almost golden below. The tail fin is square in shape. The other fins are distinctly rounded in shape. … The tench has very small scales, which are deeply embedded in a thick skin, making it as slippery as an eel.

Where can I fish for Tench?

Tench love to feed in weedbeds and use them for cover, so a clear patch near a weedbed is a likely spot to start fishing. Failing that try up close to lily beds. Tench love weedy spots, hence a rake can be your best friend.

Why is Tench called doctor fish?

A golden tench is a raised fish form derived from the original tench coming from Europe. It is also referred to as doctor fish, because it is claimed that this fish takes care that different fish will not fall ill. The skin of the tench should contain an antibiotic which would protect other fish.

How fast do Tench grow?

The growth rate of tench is slow. A one-year-old fish might be only two inches long, a two-year-old fish four inches and a three-year-old six inches long. A two-pounder could be as old as eight years! Compare that to carp – which can be well over 20lb in eight years.

When should I start fishing for tench?

Prime time for ‘the doctor fish’ as old-time anglers christened tench starts in late March and the best is well passed when they start to spawn in mid-late July. Because the weather and water conditions can change so dramatically between the ‘Ides of March’ and June so must the way we approach a tench session.

Do Tench like groundbait?

Tench especially seem to appreciate the intense crustaceous flavour of the krill. Put in other words, it drives them nuts, particularly if you combine your groundbait with particles such as corn, pellets, or hempseeds.

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