What was found at the site of Igbo Ukwu Why was it an important archaeological find?

Why was it an important archeological find? The Igbo Ukwu site contained an elite burial and shrine complex. It held the earliest known examples of copper alloy or bronze casting in Sub Saharan Africa. The site also increased historians’ understanding of both art and culture of West African civilizations.

Is an ancient African location that archaeologists believe?

Jenne is an ancient African location that archaeologists believe was first settled in 200 B.C. At this location, archaeologists have found examples of small figures and Islamic architecture.

What was found at Igbo Ukwa?

In addition to a variety of ritual vessels (whose designs appear to reproduce the form of gourd vessels to which metal handles have been attached), many other bronze items have been found at Igbo-Ukwu, including pendants, crowns and breastplates, staff ornaments, swords, and fly-whisk handles.

What is the history of Igbo Ukwu?

The ancient site of Igbo Ukwu is situated in the modern day homelands of Igbo peoples of southern Nigeria. Archaeological finds were first discovered at this site in 1939 when an Igbo farmer named Isaiah Anozie chanced upon several bronze objects as he was digging a cistern to hold water in the dry season.

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