Where can I catch a yabby in Melbourne?

I’ve listed some of my favourite spots for this great Australian pastime, where have you been crayfishing?

  • Woori Yallock Creek, Yellingbo.
  • Blackburn Lake, Blackburn.
  • Blue Rock Lake, Willow Grove.
  • Boggy Creek, Nowa Nowa.
  • Yarra River, Warbuton.


What fish is in season now in Melbourne?


  • SPECIES: Salmon, Barramundi, Ocean Trout, King Fish, Snapper, Rockling….. …
  • CONTROL: Control your food costs. …
  • QUALITY: Fish is caught daily, processed and portioned according to chef’s needs.

Why is the Yarra river so dirty?

The strong brown, muddy colour of the river is caused by clay soils. … The Yarra had clear water before European settlement but during the industrial revolution in the 19th century, high levels of land clearing and development caused these microscopic clay particles to enter the water, making it the colour it is today.

Is fishing good in Melbourne?

The best part about fishing in Melbourne is that you can fish all year round. However, fishing is much more fun and you get to catch more fish during the warmer months of the year (November to May).

Is there carp in the Yarra River?

EUROPEAN CARP These pests are well established in the Yarra. They are easy to catch and make great target species for introducing kids to fishing. Find some holes or slack water between Warrandyte and Wonga Park, and you’ll find European Carp. … You’ll be helping the Yarra ecosystem.

Where can I fish in Yarra Valley?

  • Starvation Creek.
  • Sugarloaf Reservoir.
  • Toorourong Reservoir.
  • Upper Yarra Reservoir.
  • Watts River.
  • Whittlesea Botanical Gardens.
  • Woori Yallock Creek.
  • Yan Yean Reservoir.

Is Yarra river dangerous?

The Yarra River might be the life of Melbourne CBD, but it is also a dangerous place with 14 people reported drowned since 2002, new research reveals. … “The highest number of drownings have occurred on the Yarra through the CBD,” Mr Shannon said.

Is it illegal to swim in the Yarra River?

In fact, it’s illegal to swim in the Yarra anywhere south of Gipps Street in Abbotsford, in Melbourne’s inner-east. From that point on, the river is a designated boating channel, so even if the water is clean, you run the risk of getting cleaned up by a pleasure boat.

What can you catch in the Yarra?

The Yarra offers seasonal fish species such as tailor, snapper ( pinkies ), flathead, Snook, Australian salmon, mullet, mulloway, bream, Gummy Sharks, trevally, whiting.

Are there fish in Cardinia Reservoir?

Unfortunately, access to the reservoir for boating or fishing is not permitted. Instead, many people come to the reservoir for long walks, BBQ’s and to watch the many kangaroos that live here.

Where can I go fishing in Melbourne?

Best Fishing Spots in Melbourne and Victoria

  1. Albert Lake Park. While indisputably popular amongst dog-walkers and urban dwellers, Albert Lake Park is also one of Melbourne’s secret fishing spots. …
  2. Patterson River. …
  3. Altona Pier. …
  4. Brimbank Park. …
  5. Anglesea. …
  6. Yarra River. …
  7. Barwon Heads. …
  8. Jells Park Lake.


Does Australia have bass?

Australia doesn’t have largemouth bass; it has Australian bass. But the tackle used to catch them is very similar. Slater used 13 Fishing rods and reels, a Daiwa reel and Amigo Plus braid with Toray leaders.

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