Who is the best reggae DJ in Kenya?

Here Is A List Of Top Kenyan Reggae Djs

  • Dj Juan.
  • Kriss Darlin.
  • Stevo Junior.
  • Zj Heno.
  • Dj Mohwak.
  • Dj Tsunami.


Who is the best DJ in East Africa 2020?

Shiru Kiberu, popularly known as the 256 Spin doctor or plainly DJ Shiru has sworn upon the blue moon that no other deejay in East Africa is even remotely close to his level. According to Shiru, he is still the number one in Uganda although some people call him local.

Who is the best female DJ in Kenya?

Beauty and the spins: Kenya’s hottest female DJs

  • DJ Mochi Baybee.
  • DJ Lisney.
  • DJ Tabz.
  • DJ Malaika.
  • DJ Mellow.
  • DJ Bee.
  • DJ Dii.
  • DJ Shanize.

Who is the best DJ in Kenya 2020?

Top 5 Best Ranked Djs In Kenya 2020

  1. DJ Joe Mfalme. He is known to play almost every genre of music and connects with people through music. …
  2. DJ Crème De La Crème. Dj Crème De La Crème began his career as a Dj in 2003 when he was still in the University. …
  3. DJ Pierra Makena. …
  4. DJ Mo. …
  5. DJ Kalonje.

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