Why did EAC collapse in 1977?

In 1977, the East African Community collapsed due to Kenya requesting more seats in the decision-making organs, disagreements between member countries, and the different economic systems between countries, primarily between Tanzania and Kenya.

Why was EAC revived?

This body aimed to strengthen the ties between the members through a common market, a common customs tariff, and a range of public services to achieve balanced economic growth within the region. In 1977, the EAC collapsed. … The EAC was revived on 30 November 1999, when the treaty for its re-establishment was signed.

Why do we have East African Federation?

With the Somalian coast to the north and Mozambican coast to the south, the East African Federation would offer the most politically stable access to key maritime trade routes on Africa’s east coast. … These were: a customs union; a common market; a monetary union, and; a political union.

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