Will a 200r4 bolt up to a 350?

All you would need to get the carburetor to work on the 350 engine would be a new intake manifold. You really couldn’t get the carburetor to work on top of the TBI manifold with an adapter because the TBI manifold only has 2 separate holer while the carb manifold is designed for a carb. Don’t forget!

What year 700R4 is best?

Registered. The best cores for a 700R4 build were from 1987-92 they had all the factory upgrades that solved the lubrication issues that plagued the ’86 and earlier units.

What transmission fits a 350 small block?

The 350 has had TH200 , TH350, TH400 , 4L60 and more than likely the 4L80 automatics behind it. My truck with the Chevrolet 350 engine utlizes the TH400 . There would have been a variety of manual gear boxes behind the 350 as well.

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